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  • How to Sell your Services without Sleaze...
  • Ways to both Protect & Scale Your Law Firm
  • Processes & Procedures that make your Success Easy to Duplicate
  • And Many More Lessons....
Your Attorney Essentials Instructors:

Draye Redfern 
Founder of Ultimate Attorney

Draye is the creator and founder of Ultimate Attorney, one of the leading online content and education platforms for attorneys across the world. 

He is also the President of Redfern Media, a marketing and consulting agency that helps Professional Service providers such as: accountants, financial advisors and attorneys expand their businesses through marketing. 

In addition, Draye serves as Chief Operating Officer of Daniels-Head Insurance Agency which provides professional liability insurance solutions to more than 8,600 law firms annually across the United States.

Mary Jane Dykeman, JD 
Partner at DDO Health Law

Mary Jane Dykeman is a Partner at Dykeman & O’Brien LLP in Toronto (DDO Health Law). She has practiced health law for two decades, and loves the complex cases it brings. She decided a couple of years ago that without making significant changes to law and life, her current approach could not be sustained. That’s when her entrepreneurial roots kicked in.

Having taught mental health at Osgoode, her alma mater, for 13 years, Mary Jane sees firsthand the burnout attorneys face. The pace of law is only increasing as technology makes everyone more accessible, and the chase of the billable hour cannot be scaled.

A dynamic speaker and thought leader, Mary Jane has embraced the challenge to transform the lives of attorneys worldwide.
We're Pulling Back the Curtain and Uncovering the Methods that Can Completely Revolutionize the Way You Practice Law...

Attorney Essentials is not just an online course...

It's a complete implementation program, that covers the necessary essentials to operate, scale and thrive inside your law practice. By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to prosper and profit, regardless of whether you are just starting your law career, or are a seasoned veteran

In other words, we are going to help you craft your very own blueprint for the law practice that you dream of, and we’re going to walk with you the entire process, step-by-step.

The content in the Attorney Essentials Course features 11 Sections that will guide you through the processes, tactics and strategies that are essentials for any attorney to have in their “legal toolbelt.”

Section 1:  Learn The Foundations & Uncover the Work that Rewards You... 

Together we're going to start at the very beginning, and walk through the foundational philosophies that will lay the groundwork for the entire course. 

In Section 1, we discover the reasons that initially compelled you to become an attorney, and then uncover the work that you enjoy doing and rewards you the most financially. 

Simply put, if you enjoy what you are doing and you are well paid for your services, then you can lay the proper foundation to achieve more success, have less stress and be happier in your career.  

These are the fundamental principles that will allow you to go from a hesitant, yet hardened, attorney who is desperate to operate a law practice that doesn’t suck-the-life out of you, to a successful attorney, with an incredible work/life balance and a rewarding career.
Section 2: The Current State of Law & The Evolving Legal Landscape... 
In Section 2, we are going to address the changing legal conditions that you need to be aware of, then systematically identify the various moving pieces that you need to be cognizant of in this complex, technology-laden world that we live in.

Once you know this, we're going to address the traditional roles of attorneys:

Finder - The rainmakers who bring in the business

Minder - Individuals who may bring in some business, but actively manage the customer relationships 

Grinder - The individuals who systematically process volumes of legal work

In today’s changing legal environment, many attorneys (especially in smaller law firms) are being asked to take on all three roles simultaneously. 

This can often require working more hours each week, which directly correlates to increased levels of stress and anxiety. In this section, we will cover the course of action that you can implement to set your career on the right path— a career that helps you better manage the daily stressors and sets you on a path towards abundance and prosperity. 

Section 3: Addressing Legal Burnout (Vices & Devices) 

Once we get through the Current State of Law and the Foundational lessons, we will tackle the complex issue of Legal Burnout that plagues countless attorneys.

According to a recent study, nearly 1/3 of attorneys abuse alcohol and approximately 28% of attorneys suffer from depression... With figures like these, there is something clearly “off” with how attorneys deal with stress, and operate their legal careers. 

In this lesson we will go head-to-head with the overwhelm attorneys face, then walk you through solutions that can lower the pressure, alleviate stress and help you implement effective time management practices inside your law office. We want you to be poised, healthy and ready for action... This means taking a hard look (and honest look) at where you are now.

By the end of Section 3, you will have completed one of the most honest and direct self-assessments you have done in years, and learned how attorneys can tackle complex problems without being paralyzed by stress, anxiety or turning to negative outlets.
Section 4:
Technology and You... 
Once we start Section 4, you'll have an incredibly solid foundation that we can then use to carry you forward into one of the most challenging topics attorneys grapple with. 


Technology is meant to help; NOT hinder. Yet, many attorneys are dreadfully afraid of technology and it’s increasing presence in the traditional law firm. 

In this section, we will discuss the regulatory landscape of technology, the barriers that serve as roadblocks for many attorneys, then outline a series of solutions that can allow you to use technology to significantly impact your life and your practice for the better.

We will also cover a variety of technology pieces that you should consider using inside your law firm.

Section 5:
Finding The Ultimate Client... 

Every attorney enjoys working with clients who appreciate and acknowledge your legal expertise and who are happy to pay for your legal services. We call these the “Ultimate Clients”. Unfortunately, many of these “Ultimate Clients” don’t appear as often as they could...

The reason why?

Many attorneys do not operate as the type of attorney who can attract an "Ultimate Client."

Ultimate Clients want to work with attorneys who communicate effectively with them. More importantly, these clients want to feel as though their attorney “gets them” and understands their complex needs, then delivers top of the line legal work to solve their toughest challenges. 

In this Section, we will walk you through how you too can discover who your Ultimate Client is, and then, subsequently, how you too can attract that Ultimate Client time and time again.  
Section 6:
How to Lead with Value... 
Every business transaction begins with one party having to trust the other party... It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a solution, a widget, or a service.  

In order for a client to open up their wallet and give you their hard-earned money for your legal services... FIRST, THEY MUST TRUST YOU.

Do you know how to geometrically increase the amount of trust that a client has in you? 

It is simple. 

You lead with value before you ever ask for the sale, close them as a client, and get a signed a retainer agreement. 

In this lesson, we are going to take the traditional model of how law firms operate and then flip it on its head. You’ll discover the hidden methods that less than than 1% of attorneys ever discover.

Section 7:
Marketing, Media & Branding Your Law Firm... 
This is the part of the course, where we are going to personally walk you through how you can revolutionize the Marketing and Branding of your law firm. 

Almost every attorney seems to market their services in the exact same way.... Yellow pages, Business Networking Groups, Billboards & Ads in leaflets... Not only is this is extremely dated (and expensive), it’s extremely crowded and noisy because EVERY OTHER ATTORNEY IS DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THING!! 

In today’s 21st century, your potential customers don’t want to be berated with ineffective sales communications and a barrage of advertisements that don’t accurately and acutely communicate to the customer on the other end. 


This lesson will take a DEEP DIVE into how you can stand apart from the crowd and show that you are DIFFERENT.  More importantly, you are going to learn how to convey to customers that You Care... (something that many attorneys do, but don’t properly convey to the customer). 

In addition, we will demonstrate how you can create Personalized communication to attract an endless stream of new leads to your practice that is both Automated & Specific to the person reading your communications. 

If that isn’t enough, we will introduce tactics that you can use to elevate your status both online and in your community to position you as a THOUGHT LEADER among your peers.  
Section 8:
Selling without Sleaze... 

Alright... So by this point in the course, we will have shown you beyond a shadow of a doubt, what it will take to achieve more balance inside your law practice, how to find the Ultimate Client, and how to Market your business... 

...but then what?

Once you have a client interested in your services, you still need to have the necessary skillsets to sell them your services and secure a signed retainer agreement. 

This is easily overlooked. However, all the marketing in the world won’t help you if you can’t convince a prospect to retain you...

This is where it can get extremely uncomfortable for many attorneys... Most attorneys don’t want to come across as Sleazy or Pushy, which often results in potential business literally slipping through their fingers as the prospective client strolls down the street to the next attorney (who will actually close them).

The agony of losing a client because you couldn’t close the sale is something that every attorney has experienced... and in this lesson we will help mitigate that agony so that you can close the sale and secure those signed retainer agreements.
Section 9:
Refining the Billable Hour Model...
The Billable Hour – the foundation of the traditional law practice...

While deeply ingrained in the legal culture, the billable hour is one of the least effective ways to actually leverage your time and prosper in your legal practice.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways that you can generate revenue inside your law firm without exchanging time for money (the billable hour’s demise is now within reach).... 

In the following lesson, we will cover how you can begin to leverage your time and break free from the traditional models of exchanging your time for dollars, while simultaneously increasing your bottom line! 

 However, before we do, we want to help you maximize your current billable hour model and refine it so that you can build amazing rapport and enhance the relationship with your clients. 

So, if you’re wedded to the prehistoric model of the billable hour, this lesson will help you maximize the billable hour’s functionality, effectiveness & benefits in order to augment your income and success.  

Section 10:
Predictable Pricing - The Value/Flat Fee Billing Models...
This lesson is without a doubt the most Controversial Lesson that we have ever created. 

In fact, just hearing the term, Value Billing, or Flat Fee Billing is enough to make some attorneys cringe... 

Well, in this (no-cringing-allowed) lesson we are going to outline two types of billing models that are starting to create rifts within the attorney community. 

In this lesson, we will walk you through the strategies that can take you down the path toward leveraging your time while maximizing your income. 

We want to free you of the billable hour model, lower your stress and the confines that traditional law practices place on you.

Even if you are steadfast in your resolve to maintain your existing billable hour model – this lesson will make you take a long hard look at the possibilities that exist if you eventually relinquish your cherished billable hour model...
Section 11:
Building & Scaling
Your New Asset
By now, you've seen that it's possible to grow and be more fulfilled inside of your law practice without working 80+ hours per week, getting an MBA in marketing, or being pushy or manipulative while selling your services.

After you have begun to implement the strategies that we have worked on together, you will start to achieve more and more success that can easily be replicated using the strategies in this lesson.

All successful businesses have procedures & processes to help systematize their results and profits. This makes success predictable and easy to replicate and.. 

...Law firms are no exception to this rule. 

 This lesson will cover various strategies that you can use to adopt systems that will help you scale your newly redesigned and profitable asset... Your Law Firm! 

If that isn’t enough, this lesson will also outline various ways to Reduce, Eliminate, or Mitigate conflict with clients or prospects using processes to help foster your continued growth.
There are...
11 Jam Packed Sections,
& Over 20 Video Lessons
There's so much content for you to digest that can improve your entire Law Practice...  Immediately access all these lessons by clicking the button below!
Bonus #1:
 Protect Your Law Firm
For The Future...
We have walked you through each of the essential steps to create a thriving law practice... but we didn’t want to leave it there. Before we send you off into the world, we wanted to take you through the various ways that you can protect your law practice and ensure that your success and achievements are Rock Solid! 

How are we going to do that? Simple. 


Yes, we all need it and we all dread buying it.... However, this lesson could literally SAVE YOU HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!  

Don’t believe me? 

 According to the American Bar Association, in the last five years, there has been a 700% increase in malpractice claims over $1,000,000.00 against attorneys.

Can you afford to miss this lesson? Most attorneys can’t...

In this extra special Bonus Lesson, we will walk you through two of the most important coverages that your practice needs to have, including an insurance coverage that is absolutely critical, yet is overlooked by almost every attorney. In this bonus lesson, we’ll discuss how a this simple $500 policy could literally save your firm’s future...


 If that wasn’t enough we’ll give you a FREE copy of Draye’s new book:
“What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You” 

BONUS BONUS (Part 2): 

We’ll also give you two additional Ebooks that Draye has written which will demystify the insurance world and help guide you towards a path of security and protection for your law firm.
Bonus #2:
 Employee Retention & Succession Planning...

In our second Bonus Lesson we are going to take you through a variety of ways that you can keep your employees engaged, motivated and willing to maximize productivity every day on your behalf. 

The hardest part of doing business are the people...

However, the most rewarding part of business is also the people. 

We want to leave you equipped with the knowledge necessary to make sure that once you hire a staff member, they will stay engaged, happy, and working for you for years to come. This can easily eliminate countless additional stressors and the high costs of recruiting and training a new employee, or working without the right support. 

Additionally, we cover a variety of strategies that you’ll need to consider when the time comes to eventually appoint your successor(s) as you exit the field of law. It’s never too early to start planning for the future!  

Having an exit strategy that is written down ahead of time can alleviate a considerable amount of pressure and conflict toward the end of your career. 

In this final lesson, we will walk you through some of the ideas that are imperative to consider before you pack up your box and enjoy the next adventures in your life.
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Mary Jane and I are going to take you by the hand and show you how you can immediately start maximizing your law practice and begin to achieve your full potential. However, in order to reach your full potential you must step up and take action. 

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