Craft Marketing & Messaging that Creates "Raving Fans" of Your Law Firm & Generates an Automated Stream of New Leads
...without Spending a Boatload on Advertising or Getting an MBA
Learn How to Ethically Compel Your Prospects To Do Business with you!
What if you could...
Ethically Compel Your Prospects to do Busines with you!
When You Join Legal Marketing Fundamentals,
You'll Have Full Lifetime Access to:
  • How to systemize your law firms processes to ensure that your future successes are both predictable and scalable
  • Ways to discover your “Perfect Client”
  • Convert more Prospects to Paying Clients
  • How to automate engagement & personalized connections after a consultation so you can exponentially improve your consultation closing ratio
  • Create an endless amount of “Wow” moments for your clients and prospects
  • How to properly track your marketing successes so you can spend more on what works and eliminate what doesn't work
  • How to engage and build an incredible amount of rapport with clients and prospects in an offline environment
  • Various ways to elevate your status towards becoming a Legal Thought Leader
Your Legal Marketing Fundamentals Instructor:

Draye Redfern 
Founder of Ultimate Attorney

Draye is the creator and founder of Ultimate Attorney, one of the leading online content and education platforms for attorneys across the world. 

Draye also serves as Chief Operating Officer of Daniels-Head Insurance Agency which provides professional liability insurance solutions to more than 8,600 law firms annually across the United States.

In addition, Draye is also the President of Redfern Media, a marketing and consulting agency that helps Professional Service providers such as: accountants, financial advisors and attorneys expand their businesses through marketing. 

What if you could...
Ethically Compel Your Prospects to do Busines with you!

...NOT the Dime-a-Dozen Attorney down the street. 

How cool would that be?

What would that sense of security be worth to you? 

How much more confidence would you have in yourself and your practice?

I’m guessing that these sorts of results could have a profound impact on you, your staff and your law firm...

Your competition will probably think that all of the leads in your city have simply – dried up or walked away... They’ll probably be scratching their heads as to why your business is growing, while their business remains stagnate or on the decline...

Little do they know, you’ll have a SECRET WEAPON that is helping you attract only the “Perfect Clients” that have sought you out because your marketing, advertising and communications have spoken to them in such a way, that makes it feel as though you are directly addressing their concerns. 

What you are about to discover could potentially change the entire direction of your law firm and forever elevate your income. 

But, before you read a single sentence further, let me be up front and abundantly clear...

This program is not one of those “get rich quick” websites that promises wealth while you sit back with your feet up on the desk with a glass of wine... 

Here’s why... 

The program that I am about to detail has worked incredibly well for countless attorneys across the nation and I strongly believe that it can help you and your law practice.  

But, I simply cannot promise that you (or anyone else for that matter) are going to generate wheelbarrows of cash from this program. 

While this course is incredibly comprehensive, I simply don’t know how much money an attorney will make upon the completion of this extensive program --- its likely that many attorneys may make nothing at all (often due to not putting in the hard work, or following direction). 

With that caveat mentioned early on... let me take a deep dive and detail...

Exactly What You Can Expect...

First off, this Legal Marketing Fundamentals course isn’t like anything else that you have ever experienced, read, attended, or studied. 

There’s absolutely no shortage of hard-hitting, action-packed content that has been proven time-and-time again across hundreds of industries... yet never before has this much content been tailored directly for attorneys who are looking to geometrically grow their law practice. 

And the best part.... It’s Easy.

With more than 20 video lessons, hundreds of pages of resources, workbooks, and downloads, you’ll “score” the entire system that can immediately revolutionize your legal practice.

You will have immediate access to the communication, marketing and automation strategies that will allow your marketing and advertising to communicate directly to your audience and make them feel as though you are speaking to them one-on-one... 

With this customized and tailored approach to you marketing, you will ineviatebly create an incredible amount of rapport and reciprocity with your prospects that will...

Ethically Compel your Prospects to Do Business With You... 

....and NOT that attorney down the street that you compete with!

Now, if you're not the competitive type, that's ok!

These strategies will allow more clients to find you and your law firm, learn about your legal services and of course... open up the possibilities for you to make more money.     

Lets be honest... Have you ever met an individual that complained about having extra money at the end of the month?  

...Probably Not!

But heres, the thing...
Its About MORE Than Just Making Money
On a daily basis, many attorneys feel an incredible weight on their shoulders because the livelihood of their clients, their families and their businesses literally hang in the balance. 

One missed statute, ineffective plea, weak argument, or any number of simple miscalculations and your client’s life could forever change... and not in a good way.

With this incredible amount of pressure, it’s no surprise that statistics show that 28% of attorneys suffer from depression and 1-in-3 attorneys abuse alcohol. 

When you compound that with the stressors of having to pay rent, employees, and overhead just to “keep the lights on”, the pressure increases astronomically...

This is why many lawyers struggle to actually grow their law firm and achieve any worthwhile (and long-lasting) success. 

Rising pressure inside of the law firm and an ever-increasing collection of problems or “fires” that need tending to, cause our modern day attorneys to act less like legal superheroes and more like professional jugglers who hastily juggle one problem before quickly moving onto the next problem. 

The concern with juggling in your business, is that eventually something falls...

When it does... it's ugly! 

For these reasons, a large percentage of attorneys have learned to survive, instead of thrive inside their law practices.

I don’t want that to happen you, and I sincerely mean that! 

In fact, I want to help you completely eliminate the ebbs-and-flows, the Feasts-to-Famines, and ups-and-downs that you may experience... 

How, you might ask? 

It’s Simple. 

You consistently stack one success on top of another, so that you can predictably scale and grow your law firm, one step at time.... 

If done properly, it can dramatically lower your stress, allow you to work less hours, and altogether eliminate the struggle of trying to acquire new clients in order to “keep the lights on”. 

You see... 

Isn’t that so much bigger than just making money? 

Don’t get me wrong... 

I hope you become so wealthy that you can swim in the endless pool of Benjamins, just like Richie-Rich. 

Whatever your results may be... 

I want you to enjoy what you do, help more clients and increase your business effectively and systematically. 

So, like I said, this course is about so much more than “just” making money... 

Here is a mere fraction of what you’ll receive... 
Section 1: The Ultimate Foundation...

Together we're going to roll up our sleeves and start laying the groundwork that will serve as the foundation for the rest of the course. 

This inaugural section includes five video lessons that will walk you through topics like... 
  • How to mirror what other successful attorneys have created so you can dramatically cut the time it takes to achieve similar results
  • Establish revenue targets that are both realistic & attainable, and will motivate both you and your staff
  • How to systemize your law firm's processes to ensure that your future successes are both predictable and scalable
  • Various ways that can position you as "The Expert" in your area of practice and geographic region

While this may be the first section of the course, this hard-hitting section will set the pace and open the floodgates for the following lessons to really set your practice on a new course toward success. 
Section 2: The Audience Framework... 

In Section 2, we are going to build on our new foundation and use that to start shaping the framework of our new marketing system. 

One of the reasons that marketing often “fails” for law firms is that many attorneys grow impatient and just want to “flip-the-switch” and have the leads start flowing in... 

To the dismay of many, marketing in the real world doesn’t quite work like that. Effective and efficient campaigns take time to develop, but are well worth the effort.

That’s why this Section is imperative, because we are going to cover:

  • Ways to discover your “Perfect Client”
  • Uncover the messaging needed to properly communicate to your prospects so you can maximize your conversion of Prospect to Paying Client.
  • Strategies to engineer your prospects “journey” so that you are in control and in the driver-seat 
  • Creation of your tailored marketing plan that can be used to attract new prospects
Section 3: Elevating the Client Experience...

At this point, you should feel very confident about who your “Perfect Clients” are, how you can attract them, and the various ways that you can have clients yearning to call you their attorney...

But we can’t stop there.  

In this Section we are going to take a reprieve from the traditional marketing methods in order to maximize the opportunities that may already exist inside of your law firm. 

Are you sick of conducting countless consultations with prospects who don’t retain you?

Would you like to be able to highly impact a prospect's decision to hire you as their counsel?

I’m sure that the answers to both of these questions are a resounding... YES! 

That’s why in Section 3, we are going to cover topics such as:

  • Ways to maximize your first impressions so that you immediately stand head-and-shoulders above your competition
  • How to automate engagement & personalized connections after a consultation so you can exponentially improve your consultation closing ratio
  • Establish systematized communications that create an endless amount of “Wow” moments for your clients and prospects
Section 4: Hardcore Marketing Tactics...

This is where things really start to get interesting! 

In Section 4, we’re going to be taking off the training-wheels and giving you a gentle push down the street toward your destination of becoming an Ultimate Attorney. 

This section is jam-packed with six incredibly tactical lessons that will completely change the way that you view and track your success. These lessons will open your eyes to the world of possibilities that truly exist if you are willing to take action and put in the work. 

In this Section you’ll learn: 

  • How to track your marketing success, so that you’ll know exactly how much it costs to attain your “Perfect Client!” Then, we’ll show you how you can repeat the process, ad infinitum, without worrying about spending too much
  • Ways to optimize your email marketing so that you don’t come across as sleazy or risk being flagged as spam.
  • The website checklist that includes the key elements that must be on your law firm's website
  • How to engage and build an incredible amount of rapport with clients and prospects in an offline environment
  • Various ways to elevate your status towards becoming a legal thought leader
  • Three ways to write and publish your first book that will show the world that you are an expert

At this point in time, I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself...

"WOW! That’s a lot of content that can REALLY HELP grow my law practice!”

You’d be right.

In fact, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any course on marketing and client conversion that has bundled such a variety of content that is 100% tailored specifically for you as an attorney. 

But, I don’t want to stop there.

I want to make sure that....
This is An
Absolute No-Brainer....

...Of a decision for you.

I want to let you in on Three Additional Bonuses that are included when you purchase the Legal Marketing Fundamentals course today. 

These bonuses are so beneficial, that I could have literally sold them just by themselves for the same price as this entire course. 


I could have literally saved myself over $200,000.00 if I would have been informed about these concepts and strategies only a few years ago.  

This is not hyperbole... The lessons in one of the Bonuses could literally transform your entire life. 

If that wasn’t enough, I am going to be opening up my TOP SECRET playbook and sharing with you one of my most prized secrets that my consulting clients pay me $10,000 or more to learn...

If you purchase the course and only watch these three lessons you will have received MORE than your money's worth.  

Here is what you can expect:

What Are You Waiting For?   Join Now! 
Join for Immediate Access to the Course for $997
This Offer Expires in:
Bonus #1:
 The TOP SECRET Lesson

This lesson is seriously so TOP SECRET that I can’t even write about it here... 

In fact, simply writing a description about this amazing lesson would be all that you would need to steal one of the tools that I use to consistently WOW prospects, clients, friends and even my wife!! 

When I share this information with my consulting clients (who pay me $1,250 per hour) you can literally see their eyes widen as they imagine the incredible amount of possibilities for their business. 

The best part is that it can be implemented in seconds and with hardly any effort. 

You really need to try this...
Bonus #2:
 How to Produce Your Own Video Content For Marketing & Social Media
(with my personal equipment list)

In this jam packed BONUS lesson I am going to show you exactly what it takes to shoot your own videos, content and promotional material in order to maximize your presence online. 

If you hire a videographer to shoot video for your website or social media pages you should expect to pay between $3,000 - $10,000 to have your video recorded, edited and rendered for your use. 

This may be a tough pill to swallow for some law firms... 

Especially if you want to put video content out every month!!!

In this Exclusive BONUS lesson I am going to walk you though:

  • How we set up & recorded every single lesson in this course
  • The cameras, microphones & tripods that we used so you can replicate our exact set-up for your own videos
  • The types of video equipment to use depending on your video goals
  • And the Pros & Cons of various cameras

Are you looking for ways to have professional looking videos for your social media pages?

Want cool infinite white background videos that resemble Apple’s product launch videos? 

Heck! Why wouldn’t you want to emulate an industry leader?!?

Worried about spending thousands on video equipment that may not get the job done?

In this lesson, we will answer all of these questions, and more!

But, not only that --  

I am going to do you a Huge Favor and set up links to each and every piece of equipment that we used so that you don’t have to go hunting across the internet trying to find the same products. 

This will make it incredibly easy to get the same exact quality shots that we have in the course, without having to stress or spend hours wondering about what equipment you need to buy...

This will allow you to easily create content everyday for a fraction of what you would pay someone else. 

Over the past few years, my wife (she’s a world renowned photographer) and I have literally spent well over $175,000 on cameras and video equipment, and this lesson will show you the most affordable equipment that yields the highest quality of professional results. 

I want you to be able to market your business with the highest level of success and professionalism and after you watch this lesson, I’m confident that you will have all the tools and resources necessary to truly make your videos stand out from every other attorney in the market...
Bonus #3:
 The ONE Lesson That Cost Me Over $200,000

In this final BONUS lesson, I am going to share the single concept that took me four years and more than $200,000 to fully come to terms with. 

Yes, I know that’s a lot of money and a good chunk of time....

Maybe I’m hard headed... 

Even if I am, I have a sneaking suspicion that you and I are incredibly similar when it comes to this ONE thing.

This lesson is as “Real as it Gets” and I know you will finish the course with an incredible amount of pride and accomplishment. 

It’s my hope that this lesson will cause a paradigm shift in the way that you view your marketing, your messaging and the mediums in which you communicate. 

The concept is simple, elegant and a lesson that should not be missed.


  If you have made it this far, then you know that this course offers...
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...and you are considering joining the course.  

Excellent Choice! 

But, before you do, I want to make sure that you have absolutely nothing to lose... 

I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you that is completely safe, and without any downside or risk what-so-ever.

Which is why I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and offer a full...

30-Day Money Back Guarantee, No-Questions-Asked...

We welcome you to dive into the program with us for the first 30 days and if it's not a fit for you (for any reason) just contact our support team at: and we’ll give you a prompt 100% refund

It really is that simple! 

But, I'm not stopping there and things are about to get really interesting...

My #1 goal is to strategically help transition your law practice from “Surviving” to “Thriving!”

In order for me to help you get there, I encourage you to join me in the Legal Marketing Fundamentals course so that we can dissect your business, improve the weaknesses, hone your skills and put you on the path towards becoming an Ultimate Attorney.

The Legal Marketing Fundamentals Course is Now Open... 

Today you can purchase the entire Legal Marketing Fundamentals course for $997.

I think you'll agree that price is more than fair, especially when you consider that this is one of the few opportunities that you will have in life to invest in yourself with 100% guarantee and absolutely no downside. 

I want to make this an absolutely no-brainer of a decision for you that is completely safe, and without any risk whatsoever on your part. 

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We Have Created This
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No Way You Can Lose... 

At the absolute bare minimum, you will receive have a full 30 days to go through the entire course and gain an incredible amount of insight to upgrade your law firm, 100% risk free. Then after you have submitted your course notes and your video takeaway of the best insights in the course, we are going to give you back 100% of your money.

Here is what you need to do next...

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We will also be sending a confirmation email letting you know that you are registered, as well as your receipt so that you can submit it to your CPA as a business expense for your continuing education.
Your Next Step...

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You will also be able to communicate and interact with other attorneys on the platform so that you can ask questions and engage with other attorneys who are experiencing a similar journey. 

Well.... What are you waiting for? 

Click the button below and I look forward to seeing you on the inside! 

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Draye Redfern 
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